Fats are always considered to be the evil, which is not the case. We also need to include fats in our diet. It’s all about the type of fats and the amount. We need fats to absorb vitamin A, D, E and K. Fats help us cushion our body. Fats are good for our nerve function and some fats are good for our heart health.


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  1. Asma Bandukwala
    Asma Bandukwala says:

    Hi Fareeha, so impressed by ur talks. I would request u to provide some charts with the information of the individual food groups. And also how many portions should be the intake per meal. I had come across some printouts on ur fb page a while bk, but not able to find them now. Would be very grateful if u would oblige. Thanks

  2. Ariba Arshad
    Ariba Arshad says:

    I like the way you explain Ma’am.
    I want to lose my weight as I am a mother of 3 babies. My small baby is just of 2 month and alot of weakness in me. Kindly suggest me.

  3. Asma Zaidi
    Asma Zaidi says:

    Hi ma’am fareeha, hope u r doing well! I have joined you very recent n got impressed your knowledge n the sincere way of expressing, sharing information. I have a question, is this ok if we go for intermittent fasting by following PC? Can we increase portion to divide our meal into two meals a day?

  4. Lubna Masud
    Lubna Masud says:

    I am new member . Am 59 years old. My height is 5.3 . Am 70 kg 🙈. Osteoarthritis patient. Blood pressure is manage with madicine. Dear Fareeha Plz guide me . Started PC 😘 Thanks Dear lots of love

  5. iqra
    iqra says:

    plz help me sasural me kahte k ye moti hogae to bekar hogae ha ma by face pyare ho clr fair ha bs motape se kam khrab hoa para ha abi 4 month hoe delivery ko

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