Its all about lifestyle ! Menopause is the time to rethink about your diet and lifestyle !

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  1. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    Thanks mam this video is for my mom and aunts they often discuss about menopause and its complications
    valueable points u gave
    take care
    love 2 u☺

  2. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    I have shown it to my mum she said thanks and also that ki fareeha weak ho gai hai pehle se
    sabki kartay kartay khud ko bhul rahe ho mam
    i think u expend more energy then u eat
    khao pio enjoy karo mam
    we care for u

  3. Shazia Kiyani
    Shazia Kiyani says:

    Thank you so much Fareeha as I had early menopause because I had hysterectomy 3 years Bach and I’m on HRT , you video has helped a lot to understand , I had never in my life gained weight , now I know the reason .

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