Spina bifida —- We need to be aware

I personally believe that very little is being done about this condition, from prevention to treatment. Its surely an ignored condition as I couldn’t even find the accurate numbers of people affected by this condition in the country. Some sources mention that there are around 400,000 patients with spina bifida in Pakistan.  It’s high time we get ourselves aware about this condition as it can be prevented to a certain extent.

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  1. Mehak
    Mehak says:

    Amazing mam
    U r not just giving awareness but chance to people to spread knowledge and positive vibes all around and this is called good deed with love and dedication.
    Salute your job.
    Keep filling knowledge bank to each one
    U r god grace🙂

  2. Neha Singh
    Neha Singh says:

    Really mam,
    Iske baare me bhuth hi kam awareness hai lagbhag na ke barabar hai. Thnx for giving us such these information..

  3. Hira Asim
    Hira Asim says:

    Salam Fareeha….
    Worth sharing information and indeed worth loving attempt of urs😘…
    ALLAH PAK iska ajar de.. Ameen
    May we all contribute 2wards a more healthier Pakistan❤️

  4. Faiza Naz
    Faiza Naz says:

    Great information,loving style and a very big motivation to take care of our poor n unaware servants. Allah will give u reward in the hereafter. Insha Allah!!

  5. Nisa
    Nisa says:

    Pak mn hr teesri lrki ko folic acid and vit D ki Kami hai.. apne married ki bat ki hai… Ap unmarried k lie btain k diet mn kia include kray ta k agay ja k isss ki prob na ho… Hrr lrki smart k chakr mn faqay krti hai aur apna baira garg Kia hua hai… Ap isss k up uper zarur videos bnain… Ap se boht seekhnay ko milta hai…
    Love you…

  6. Fariha kashif
    Fariha kashif says:

    My son was born with the spina bifida, s sever form myelomeningocele,hydrocephalus and club foot. He was paralysed. He was 13 months old when he died. I just came to know about his birth defect when i was 8 months pregnant. My doctor never told me about his condition because she couldn’t detect on her scan machine. So i recommend all ladies please go for major scan when u are 20 weeks pregnant. It is called anomaly scan as well. And keeping taking folic acid in ur child bearing age.

  7. Madiha Shahid
    Madiha Shahid says:

    Thankyou for the info. Your video took me back to my pregnancy. I was also highly anaemic, so my Dr informed me of the possible defects my child could have. Furthermore, my father-in-law and my brother, being doctors, played a vital role in educating me,so I took my medicines religiously. Never missed a doze in 9 months!!! I was given folic acid for 20 weeks. Alhamdolillah gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Even after her birth, I was advised to take folic acid and other supplements for 2 years because I was breastfeeding my baby.

  8. Piya rani
    Piya rani says:

    Thank you so much for this info. I have a baby boy who is hydrocephalus with mylomenigocel. Now he is 8 monthes old. he has legs and urinary problem pray for him. He is my first baby.

  9. Maheen kabeer
    Maheen kabeer says:

    Thankyou so much fareeha mam to discuss about this. Lakin kaash aisi koi information kuch arsaa pahle kahin se mil jaati😢. My daughter was born with this. She is one year now. And yes dr said the same.

  10. Sadia Ahad
    Sadia Ahad says:

    Jazak ALLAH Kair
    Ma’am, you are doing a great job. How to pay anyone your love your kindness, you are really one and only. Allah ap ko Ajre Azeem dey gha, IN SAH ALLAH. Love you Ma’am.

  11. Sean
    Sean says:

    Do you have any suggestions for creating write-ups?
    That’s where I always battle as well as I just end up looking
    vacant display for long period of time.

  12. Aisha Khalid
    Aisha Khalid says:

    my 5 year old is mostly complaining about his legs being numb and at night he sometimes cries because his legs hurt.. and he was born premature.. could it b something serious

  13. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    Being a gynecologist and obs I know how much iron deficiency is present in Pakistan girls come with as low as 4 gms oh Hb even ppl who are educated don’t want to address this problem . I used to have well baby workshops tried to do something .

  14. Samiya usman
    Samiya usman says:

    Thanku fir info mam please i m a dialysis patient i want to loose my weight plz guide me…

  15. Hafsa mateen
    Hafsa mateen says:

    You are just doing the great thing.
    Ma sha Allah. May Allah bless you with All HE have. Ameen

  16. maleeka naqvi
    maleeka naqvi says:

    Hi thx for ur informative videos my question is regarding my son hv speech disorder sm experts told me give him gluten free diet for his gut issues bcz he stim ….
    My question is whether ths is a solution if i start ths diet whether its effect bcz thy said whn body inflam thn ths problem raise so diet change his behavior…
    Thx in advance

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