By Fareeha Jay

1st June 2019

Mum! What were you eating all this time?

As you all know that I live in UK, so last summer’s my mother came to visit me. When I saw her, I was extremely happy to see her but at the same time became really sad because she looked very week and frail.

After few days when she was fully rested, I started talking to her about her food intake, and by now I was also observing what she was eating.

I was in a shock when she told me about her diet. Because she had high cholesterol, she was not having any fats and eggs.  She had stopped having fruit and treats because was diagnosed with diabetes. Because of high uric acid level, she was not having, meats, chicken, lentils and pulses.

I thought to myself: so, what was she having?

No wonder she looked so week and frail.

I took things in control and believe me it was not easy. She resisted to the food changes I was making for her as her doctor had ‘forbidden’ her to have them.   I asked her to put her trust in me and believe in me because being a dietitian I was the best person to advise her on her foods. The things which I used to tell her, she always used to look unsure and was reluctantly following it.

The changes which I brought in her diet:


I explained to her that including olive oil, vegetable oil or rapeseed oil is absolutely fine just being mindful on portion. I also made her eat a table spoon of nuts every day. I wanted to give her a portion of oily fish once a week but didn’t because of her high uric acid level, others wise would have definitely made her eat a portion once a week. She started having an egg every morning.

Uric Acid:


Having high uric acid levels doesn’t mean you have to stop having protein all together. It only means that we reduce the amount of those foods which are high in purines. I made her stop having red meat, oily fish, offal (liver , kidney, heart ) game, seafood specifically shrimps , crabs and shellfish , meat and yeast extracts as these foods are high in purines.

I asked her to be careful with drinks sweetened with fructose therefore trying to avoid sweetened soft drinks and being mindful of jams and sweet condiments labelled as glucose-fructose syrup or corn syrup.

Foods which have medium amount of purines should be consumed moderately. So, I made her eat other fish, chicken, eggs in portion.

Among vegetables asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, beans, peas and lentils have moderate amounts so she ate them but within portion. Before she was not having them at all.

Dairy and eggs are low in purines so I made sure she was having them to get adequate protein .



I made my mother have carbohydrates in all meals, just focussed on whole meal; whole grain and the portion size. She used to have 2 -3 portions of fruit in a day. And I made sure that she was having 3 portions of dairy every day. Mainly she would have yogurt, keeping portions in mind.

She spent a couple of months with me and under my guidance started eating as I explained and now, she’s back in Pakistan. Got her tests done and by the grace of God all her tests were well within the required range.

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  1. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    wooo my beauty queen my princess of plymouth ur mum is so beautiful and tall ma beti ditto copy
    yes this article is based on my mum diseases too same
    lovely post lovely you lovely attire nd background❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Sameera
    Sameera says:

    Love u Fareeha.. Before I used to do clean eating but didn’t loose a single kg but now i m on portion control and start loosing weight Alhamdulillah.. U r such a great person MashAllah. Now at least I know the correct quantity of food to eat.
    Thank you sooo much Fareeha ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Shazia
    Shazia says:

    Hi , after reading about your mom Fareeha I just felt it was my mom , she’s getting weaker day by day , she’s coming here in uk next month Inshallha , I want you to help me with her diet what do you suggest , should I book one to one session with you when she’s here as it is really sad to see her getting weaker day by day ..

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      Yes it will be good if you book one .i can talk through her and explain to her how I explained my mum .the thing is that in Pakistan you are just told to stop eating foods .thats not the way . It will be great to guide her

  4. Najma Fahad
    Najma Fahad says:

    Our mothers are in this phase where we are also confused what to have them. Well done its really need to explain our parents..

  5. Ambreen Fatima
    Ambreen Fatima says:

    Waaooo its outstanding masha Allah!! 👏👏👏
    U r such a great inspiration for all of us❤❤sty blessed and happy always ameen 😍

  6. Sumbal
    Sumbal says:

    To itna arsa apko maa ki yad nhi thi jo achanak fikr hui…roz baat cheet ya video pe nhi dekhti thin?
    Hm log maa baap ko ignore krty dunya mein gum hue rehty.phr logon ko sunaty

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      Not at all .parents are very close to heart .i always used to talk to her on the phone and she never complained , never mentioned how she felt . So please stop judging it’s not nice

    • Amber
      Amber says:

      Phone p baat krny ma aur reality ma dekhny ma zameen asmaan ka farq ha Sumbal.of course mam apni mother se phone p in touch hongi ye koi poochny ki baat ni ha.Actually our mothers are too touchy about us. they dont want to make us mother also used to do jub unse milti hn tu unki health k bary ma pta chalta b nice and dont heart others.

    • Wafa baloch
      Wafa baloch says:

      Ye kya baat hoi?? Really very sorry on ur mentality…camera se dhaikhne ma aor ankhon k samne rehne ma bara frq hota ha.

  7. Farheen Haq
    Farheen Haq says:

    She is so lucky to have you
    And yes parents don’t follow their children’s advice easily. It’s your biggest achievement

  8. Aqsa Hashmi
    Aqsa Hashmi says:

    May Allah subhana’hu’Wa’Taa’Ala bless you and your family with good health…
    I’m so moved Mam, my mother made me study public nutrition in her last year (I’m in 3rd semester) but, she’s no more with us, and all the things I learnt from my classes as well as you Mam, unfortunately, I had so less knowledge back then… It’s heart wrenching… I just hope, I learn really well and spread this knowledge as Sadqa e Jaria for her one day.. Inn’Sha Allah ..
    With Love..

  9. Rehana
    Rehana says:

    Miss fareeha i tried to messafe tou for one to one diet plans and payment method but no response from your side ..hipefully to get response from your side regards

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      I’m not sure why . But I’ll tell you here . It’s very straight forward . Just go to click on services and then click on consultation and just make a booking . Payment method everything is explained . Can use credit card or direct bank tranfer in a Pakistan bank . All info is given

  10. Nadya
    Nadya says:

    Dear Fareeha, this is a very useful blogpost for a lot of people. Really appreciate your inputs on various subjects catering to all ages. That’s a lovely photo of you and your mum. Stay blessed.

  11. Zahara
    Zahara says:

    Kindly guide me for my mom diet plan as she has joint pain and wants to reduce weight as I suggest walking but she said she can’t walk

  12. Ammara
    Ammara says:

    Waooo superb maam my mother is also having same problem n believe me since I know u n changed my life style I started to guide her as well the same way. Alas I am in UAE n cant keep an eye on her . But surely as soon I go to pak I will tell each n every thing. Thank you so much maam u changed my life style u means alot fir me. Lv u

  13. Fauzia Zia
    Fauzia Zia says:

    Aoa Fareeha, I really admire ur efforts of fixing our minds about proper diet & weight loss. I have a high cholestrol levels plus my sugar is on borderline. I ve simply stopped all sort of food having sugar but I do eat rice n sometimes beef. I’ve lost 5 kg though but my daughter keeps insisting me to eat normal. I cant even think of having a single teaspoon of any dessert. Am I doing right or should I allow some meetha in my life?

  14. hina
    hina says:

    aoa could u plz help me to make routine for mum as well as she has high sugar resistance problem she doesn’t eat anything n as she takes any one apple or banana ,her sugar level goes up, she does daily 45 mins medium walk n all house chores but still her weight is same. if u can guide me about the food n suggest which type of exercise or walk she shud do. her age is 58. weight is 80, height is 5.2.she has been suffering from diabetes for 10 years.I will b highly obliged thanx

  15. Aamnah Qaiser
    Aamnah Qaiser says:

    Ma’am your this post made me cry. Life cycle is so well made. Time once it passes, never comes back. Cherish whatever we’re given with whoever we’re with, especially our parents.

    I too have spoiled my health due to so many demotivating n personal issues, but just be reading about your mother I have realised to start taking care if myself.

    Want to get your personalized packages for me please give meany number to call.
    Take care of your family n parents

  16. Fouzia Naseeb
    Fouzia Naseeb says:

    Masha Allah u both r cute but ur mother is more beautiful than u😉 love both of you 😘😘😘

  17. Wafa baloch
    Wafa baloch says:

    My mom is also diabetic…☹☹she is suffering from diabetes since last 14 years…her height is 5.2 and weight is 50kg… , she’s getting weaker day by day…she can’t eat most of the things as her her stomach couldn’t digest them.

  18. Fizza
    Fizza says:

    Lovely post and beautiful picture <3
    I'm on a weight loss journey, I'm a member of your Facebook page, I've read articles but I just can't get myself to follow portion control. Seems so difficult to me. With three small children it seems like too much work for me

    My weight is stuck suddenly and even starving is not helping

  19. Faiza Maryam Shaban
    Faiza Maryam Shaban says:

    Hi ma’am,
    You are so beautiful like your mother.and worth reading may Allah bless u n ur whole family Ameen.

    • Nausheen
      Nausheen says:

      MashaAllah!Fareeha God bless you.Kia jaanat kamayee hai aap nay.Allah sari maa ka,saya qaim rakhy aur aap ki aur meri ammi ko bhi sehat ata karay Ameen!

  20. Sadia
    Sadia says:

    Very nice post and this picture really makes me cry because I have lost my mother May Allah bless your mother with healthy and long life Ameen

  21. Shadab mushtaq
    Shadab mushtaq says:

    Wow mam superb work, well my mother too is a heart patuent having stunts and diabetic too. Plz any suggestion.
    Love ur each and every post ❤️❤️

  22. Lubna
    Lubna says:

    Hi Fareeha! Jay very nice info you shared. Can you plz tell me that is it ok to start GAPs diet to my 3 years old child as he is dealing wih some autistic and ADHD issues???
    Thanks in Advance

  23. Jawaria
    Jawaria says:

    Nice article can you please tell about the diet for high triglycerides and uric acid many thanks in advance

  24. Rubina
    Rubina says:

    Dear mam,
    I am not able to see your question n answer videos which you post every two weeks .I have paid for whole year .

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