Recent study has come up on eggs and its association with cholesterol affecting the heart . Lets look in to it a bit more……

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  1. kyran czara
    kyran czara says:

    Please do an article about haleem.And if we use less oil than calories will reduce .tell us about its portion size because its got protein and carbs both(can we eat more of it LOLX) so its sort of complete meal with half a bowl of yogurt and some salad.please address my query

    ZAHRA KIRAN says:

    Please do an article on Haleem.i am very confused on its portioning ..i eat 7 table spoons of it keeping in view that it has proteins as well as carbs..shed some light on mystery portion of haleem plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      Zahira if you watch my protein video I have mentioned haleem in it … there is no mystery .it shouldn’t be made so complicated just think in your head that you have had a mix of carbs and proteins and have sensible portions.portion control is about sensible eating

  3. Sampa Bagchi
    Sampa Bagchi says:

    Thank you for exonerating eggs, my favourite in non-veg food. I missed them badly when my mil did not allow me to have them during my pregnancy as I was diabetic

  4. Shazia
    Shazia says:

    I need diet for menopause and how to reduce stress as I have mood swings and I don’t like myself

  5. NIMRA
    NIMRA says:

    Dear Fariha maam…i m married my age is 20 year and i am facing hormonal imbalance please guide me how can i get rid of extra weight due to imbalance..My current weight is 64 kg and doctor advise me to loose 5-6 kgs.

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