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  • I am a UK Registered Dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and I am a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA).
  • I aim to use my scientific knowledge, clinical skills and expertise as a dietitian in an accurate and professionally responsible manner.
  • I never make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular products (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines) or promote one product over another (as per food industry regulations)
  • All of the opinions on this website are my own and are 100% honest but you have the right to know if I have accepted money or ‘freebies’ (samples) in the process of formulating those views (as per the Internet Advertising Bureau: IAB guidelines).
  • It is my policy to only accept compensation from companies I believe in and would already buy myself or recommend.
  • A product mention or feature does not imply endorsement or recommendation of the product in question.
  • Any sponsorship or other forms of compensation are clearly marked and will never influence the content, topic or posts on this site.
  • All content, videos, written articles and imagery is the sole copyright of Farehajaycom and can not be reproduced, broadcast or plagiarised without prior consent or permission. The copyright ownership will be protected and enforced where it has been abused by a third party.

Me & My Philosophy 

  • My aim is to motivate and inspire others to lead healthier and subsequently happier lives, one step at a time. I do this by writing about nutrition, providing healthy lifestyle tips, creating healthy recipes and reviewing products, all of which I share via this blog.
  • I promote all foods to be eaten in moderation as a part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • I believe that variety is the spice of life and that foods cannot be classed as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
  • I promote healthy lifestyles as a way of life, rather than fad/short-term diets.
  • This blog is a reflection of who I am personally and professionally and you can rest assured that I will only blog about products and services I truly love.

Product/Service Reviews & Features

  • I only ever review or feature products/services which I personally would buy and that I believe, as a dietitian, could enhance the health, well-being and/or diet variety of my readers.
  • I am lucky enough to be occasionally sent samples of products to try, however I only blog about the ones that I personally and professionally like and that I would buy with my own money. If I do receive a sample there will be a statement saying this at the end of the blog post.
  • Any reviews of products are based on my personal preference (taste) and a nutrition assessment based on my professional observation and training as a registered dietitian.
  • Any rewards e.g. samples received, do not play a part in the products and services featured/used or statements written on this blog (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines).
  • If I do not like a product, rather than write a negative review, I will not feature it on my blog. I cannot and will not be swayed by incentives of any form.
  • If a product doesn’t fit with my philosophy, has claims based on pseudoscience ,or (in my opinion) will not enhance the wellbeing of my readers (e.g. diet pills, junk food etc.) I won’t feature it. I cannot and will not be swayed by incentives of any kind.

Sponsored Blog Posts

  • If the end of a blog post is marked as “sponsored/inspired by..”, “in collaboration with..” or “featured”, a company has compensated me either via money, a gift, or something else of value for the time taken to write it. Regardless, all comments are my own, are 100% honest and are not influenced by the incentive.
  • Any rewards received do not play a part in the products and services featured/used or statements written on this blog (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines).
  • I decline sponsored blog posts from companies that I do not believe will enhance the wellbeing of my readers e.g. has claims based on pseudoscience. I cannot and will not be swayed by incentives of any kind.
  • On social media, #Sp gives reference to a sponsored blog post if the company is mentioned within the status.

Gluten Free Recipes

  • If you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, you will need to follow a gluten-free diet. Please see NHS Choices for more information.
  • If my recipes are marked as ‘gluten free’ it is still your responsibility to check that each ingredient used is labelled ‘gluten free’ e.g. oats, as ingredients and products vary on their gluten content depending on the brand/processing methods.
  • If you are following a gluten free diet I recommend you follow personal advice provided to you by your doctor, nurse and/or dietitian.

Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes

  • If a recipe is tagged as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ it is still your responsibility to check that each ingredient used is indeed vegetarian/vegan.
  • If milk is used in a vegan recipe then do not use cow’s milk (as this is not a vegan product).
  • If honey is used in a vegan recipe then please use an alternate liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or  agave nectar.
  • Fish may be present in my ‘Meat Free Monday’ recipes (main courses for Meat Free Mondays are highlighted), which you can omit at your leisure.
  • If you are following a vegetarian/vegan diet I recommend you follow personal advice provided to you by your doctor, nurse and dietitian.
  • More information can be found at NHS Choices.

Affiliate Links & Codes

  • I receive many questions about where ingredients/products/services used/mentioned can be purchased and so I link to (where possible) where either I personally have obtained them or where you can purchase them easily and at a reasonable price.
  • My blog content (advice and recipes) remain free to all because of the addition of affiliate links/codes; each blog post takes a considerable amount of time to write and each recipe takes a considerable amount of time and also money to develop/make. If you click certain hyperlinks and purchase items or use my discount code, in some cases I may receive a small commission e.g. from Amazon. Affiliate links do not affect the price that you pay.
  • If I link to an e-shop, it is not that I endorse the advice that they may give or their philosophy, it is merely a place where either I obtained the product in question, or that you can purchase it.
  • All blog posts containing affiliate links/codes are clearly labelled at the end.

Discount Codes

  • I occasionally post carefully selected discount codes which reduce the price of certain products that I link to e.g. nut butters, which may mean that making my recipes is cheaper for you. I do this to benefit my readers and followers and I too may also use them.
  • Any rewards received do not play a part in the products and services featured/used or statements written on this blog (as per HCPC & BDA guidelines).


  • Any adverts/links displayed on this blog do not imply a recommendation, however they are selected in line with my blog’s philosophy of health and wellbeing.
  • Adverts are present with the purpose of generating a revenue in order to sustain the day to day runnings of this blog i.e. hosting costs, cost of ingredients, baking equipment, travel, photography equipment and filming equipment, all of which will be bought with the aim of enhancing your reading experience.

Competitions & Giveaways

  • I periodically hold competitions/giveaways on my blog as a way of interacting with my readers and providing an opportunity for others to try new products.
  • I do not promote the products that I giveaway more than others that I do not.
  • Most of the giveaway prizes featured have been provided to me free of charge however, sometimes I use my own money to purchase them (prizes provided free of charge will be highlighted).
  • I am very selective about the products that I giveaway and take into account both my personal taste and professional opinion as a dietitian based on the nutritional content/type of product.


  • Your email address will be added to my newsletter if you request to join the newsletter either via my home-page or the link provided.
  • I endeavour to send my newsletter towards the start of every month using MailChimp.
  • I will not pass on your email address to anyone unless it is needed to send a giveaway prize, which I will check with you first about.
  • You have the right to unsubscribe from my weekly email at any time (using the link provided within each newsletter).

Communication Policy

  • I endeavour to answer all genuine messages and comments which I receive, response times will depend on capacity.
  • I do not respond to: offensive, attacking or irrelevant comments/messages, or to comments/messages with no connection to nutrition/dietetics (which may be deleted).
  • If I am contacted in relation to a topic which falls outside of my scope of practice, I will be upfront about this and I may signpost to another professional who has expertise in that specific area.
  • Where appropriate, I may continue a conversation via email or private message rather than on a social media platform.


Additional Information

  • This site contains links to other websites, such as: links to scientific relevant journals, articles, other blog posts and sources of information. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that Fareeha Jay does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.
  • Any changes made to this privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notifications will be sent to subscribers or clients by e-mail. Please check this page frequently to see any updates or changes to FareehaJay.com privacy policy.


  • A big thank you to the Rds4disclosureuk website for their guidance in completing this disclosure policy; and in particular to Nic at Nic’s Nutrition for kindly allowing me to adapt the disclosure policies from her website.