Lifestyle changes can make a big difference for your blood pressure though for some lifestyle alone will not be sufficient and medication will be required. Medication to be discussed with your doctor. Watch the video to learn about diet and lifestyle for high blood pressure.

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  1. mudassar.saf@gmail.com
    mudassar.saf@gmail.com says:

    Ma’am ap ny egg ka nahi bataya k hpertension ma egg kitna kha sakty hain..ma breakfast ma 1 egg khati hn..muja pata hai 2 eggs equals 1 portion of protien.per muja lagta hai k 2 khaon gi tu b.p na high ho jay…aur ap ny chicken aur meat k baray ma nahi bataya k meat kitna kga sakty hai..high b.p ma….mere husband chicken nahi khanay diatty bcz wo kahty hain chicken is causing cancer..Is it true?plz explian

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      You make and I’ll check .how can my diet plan be proper . I don’t know what you like what you eat . Have you gone through the 7 videos on the home page .start I’ll help you .we will do it together

  2. mudassar.saf@gmail.com
    mudassar.saf@gmail.com says:

    Ma’am ma ny apnay khanay ki routine share ki hai…jo ma diet la rahi hn…ab ap dekhian gi kya kammi hai iss ma…ma ny ap ki sari videos dekhi hain…aur understanding b hai..

  3. mudassar.saf@gmail.com
    mudassar.saf@gmail.com says:

    Ma am i share my full day eating routine…megar ap ka response nahi aya…1 week ho gya

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