Losing weight is about creating a calorie deficit. When you eat less, your body starts breaking down fat to get energy and that’s how you lose weight. Calorie deficit can be created by eating less and moving more. The same rule applies for all regardless what weight you are.

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  1. f.rumaisa2126
    f.rumaisa2126 says:

    Nice 😍
    U r looking beautiful mam 💖
    Mam as we are taking the treat of 120cals per day , to kia phr b humara ye 500cals ka deficit bna rhy ga ??

  2. says:

    Hi fareeha,i want to know that 2000 calorires requirement is normal for everyone or in some case would it be less than 2000?. My weight is 68 kg with 5.1” height. I followed PC (4 portions of carbs,2 protein,3 dairy,3 fat,2 fruits and 1 treat daily). By following this I reduced n reached 63kg.. but then due to bad routine I didn’t manage with PC n now on 68 kg. Now i want to switch to 5 to 6 portions of Carbs, please guide me for this…with 6 p of carbs still weight will reduce?

  3. Mrs Samiullah Durrani
    Mrs Samiullah Durrani says:

    aoa.mam i am new member.i need your guidance to lose wait.i am 39 years of age.68 kg weight and 4 feet ten inch height…I am married of 14 years. no children. i want to reduce my weight according to my BMI…i tried many tume but failed.

  4. Rakhshanda Anwaar
    Rakhshanda Anwaar says:

    Salam! I am a new member my age is 32 , height is 5.4″ and my weight is 98kg its been 4 months m going gym and did not loose a single kg but loosing in inches i am married and have 1 kid, m really worried about my weight m here for motivation and your kind help….thanks for this platform

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