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City: Rawalpindi
Country: Pakistan

“Portion control idea is simply fabulous, picking food from each group of nutrients helps you to have a complete balanced diet. Not only I adopted it for myself, but this formula is really helpful for my growing kids though I have adjusted the portion size for myself and they get a bit generous portion according to their body need and physical requirements.
Thanks a lot Miss Fareeha jay ALLAH bless you and your family”

Ainy SohailAge: 41

City: Birmingham
Country: UK

“Thanks, a bundle Fareeha Jay – I was never a big eater but it does make a colossal difference when it comes to choose the right food option. By cutting down unhealthy stuff and meal size on daily basis and switching to healthy ones gives you an astounding results in no time!!”

AnonymousAge: 27

City: Dubai
Country: UAE

“Best part of portion control is that the acidity and the heart burn issue I was suffering with has started going away from me. Earlier I used to get pain tightness and discomfort in my upper abdomen all the time. it’s way less now and that part is soft as compared to hard which it was before.
No bloating.
Headache is controlled.
I Am feeling like I have started enjoying food now.
Doing new innovations with recipes every day.

I am not avoiding anything but just doing portion control- – it really works!”

Jyoti verma Age: 31

City: Hyderabad
Country: Pakistan

“I was always very concerned about my hair, skin and health. I would always be looking for natural remedies. Since few years I was facing hair fall, skin problems and weigh gain but nothing was working. I am very grateful to Fareeha Jay that after following her I’ve not only lost weight but also my hair fall and skin has improved, and over all my health has also got better.”

Imrana qamar Age: 43

City : Lahore
Country :Pakistan

“I started my journey of losing weight with Keto from 16 Jan but it was difficult for me to eat food without roti and stuff but I lost 4kg in one week (102 to 98). Dizziness feeling of vomiting and yes all the week shouting and irritating behaviour with my children… then I was surfing on net I saw some other diet plan they also helped me in motivating but finally I saw a video of Fareeha maam… and I decided to follow it. (23 Jan) so after exactly 7 days of Keto I switch to portion control and yesterday I saw my weight and it was 95 just portion control I was eating rice was eating roti but following my portion and I didn’t starve at all and the most important thing that my mood was also very pleasant…. so, it’s not bad to loss 3kg in 13 days and yes a visible change in inches without any exercise… but from today I also started 30min cardio. And during Keto I was not able to any kind of cardio or walk because of very low immunity.”

Maria khanAge: 30

City: Lahore
Country: Pakistan

“I’m hypothyroid and taking thyroxin daily but I gained weight from last 1 year due to this disease and it’s very hard for me to lose due to lack of metabolic rate. I followed many diet plans from many groups but all in vain.

I have lost 4 kg in 2 months with the help of portion control, and little bit cheating, loose in inches too by doing exercise.

Because of portion control:

  • My thyroid level becomes normal
  • I’m super active now
  • Doing my house chores more actively
  • Less depressed
  • Enjoying my healthy eating
  • Fully motivated to lose more”
Sana KashifAge: 35