DIET IN 40s and 50s

Healthy lifestyle is the key in all ages and every phase of life. Join the series of “Diet for `Every Decade” to find out how and what to eat in each decade of your life.

This video is for you if you are in your 40s or 50s .

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  1. ayeshaazuberi
    ayeshaazuberi says:

    Thanku fareeha for such informative video u have exlpained very well its true age is just a number 💃

  2. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    Woo mam this topic become ‘icing on cake’ coz u know me nd my mum really talking about this thing topic of 50 + diet recently
    She also saw this video and said great 👍👍
    Thanks a bunch for scattering good knowledge to everyone
    We all are already on healthy eating mission at home.

  3. rizwanullahcol
    rizwanullahcol says:

    Hi mam.i sent u a question ‘weight ” about harmons imbalance …plz reply about this issue

    • Fareeha Jay
      Fareeha Jay says:

      You sent your question on 10th and I responded on the 12th of March . You Ahmad ticked for being anonymous .go to aap kay sawal meray jawab sated 12th of March . The topic is “ tried many plans no result “ that’s your answer . 🙂

  4. ainataz111
    ainataz111 says:

    Fareeha well explained my question z when u say increase these vitamins intake then portions r same jst opt for those foods which have these nutrients or amount has to b increased…recomended portions fulfil the body requirement ?

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