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Interview on Mashaal Radio

Author: Fareeha Jay | [20th March 2019]

Interview with Mashaal Radio

It was a delight to be interviewed by Maleeha Amirzada from Mashaal Radio. The interview was broadcasted on the 18thof March 2019. It was in Pushto (local language in Pakistan) therefore I thought I will share some of the important topics discussed.

In my interview with Maleeha I explained that how the dietetics field is the most ignored field in our country. People need to start putting some faith in dietitians. Anything about diet and nutrition; they will follow a celebrity or a blogger, and not rely on evidence-based information given by a dietitian. People would give due importance to a doctor, an engineer but a dietitian is not valued. Many times, a celebrity endorsement would mean more to them rather than what a dietitian is saying to them.

It’s about time we give this profession its due respect.

Talking about my group “Aap Ki Dietitian” I told Maleeha that by the grace of God it has more than 340 000 members and the main idea is good health. Dietitians are always associated with weight loss but that’s only part of the picture. Diet can be for the diseased and diet can be for good health. The group works as a mechanism to provide basic health awareness and focuses on public health. And we must remember that in many cases   one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why one to one with people is also required for tailored advice. For that please see your local dietitian. For similar purposes I have initiated my website where I  provide one to one support to my members.

I told Maleeha that it’s my desire to spread the healthy eating awareness to all South Asians of the world. I would love to give workshops/ seminars to communities and general public but for that I would need support of media and certain organisations. It’s a shout out for all of you out there are in the media, or organisations from where we can start a project of disseminating health awareness through workshops and presentations globally.

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  1. Amber anjum
    Amber anjum says:

    Agree ♡♡♡ pc ♡♡♡ you @Fareeha jay lots of work needed to change society’s unhealthy eating habits hope ALLAH bless you in duniya and in aakhirah both to play your part sincerely

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I am Fareeha Jay, a registered Dietitian. I have a passion and desire to spread knowledge and awareness about healthy eating and lifestyle. The information I provide is based on scientific evidence but explained in a very non-scientific way. I want to break the myths around diet and food. I never want to give diet plans rather I want to empower people on their food and lifestyle choices, so that people can make their own diet plans for the rest of their lives.