Author : Fareeha Jay

Dated : 15th March 2019

When we start healthy eating, we are focussed on our will power. We tend to avoid all fatty and sugary foods. We keep on avoiding until we just explode and over indulge with cakes, fries and biscuits, etc. In such situations we end up eating far more than we would usually have.

My take —-
Stop relying on just your will power!

Rather than relying on your willpower, divert your focus towards planning and aim to be more organised.

  • Never stop having sugary/fatty foods and that way you will never crave for them. Just focus on the amounts you are having. Have smaller portions.
  • Plan for your whole week. This plan should include, physical activity, what you will be eating through out the week and also  include indulgences.
  • Limit your dining out  to one day a week.
  • Stock up your kitchen with healthy foods. Such fruit, vegetables, herbs, olive oil, nuts, healthy snacks and get rid of the cakes, biscuits and crisps. Like the saying, “out of sight out of mind”; when the indulgences are not available for you, how would you even have them?

It’s high time you started planning and not just using your willpower!

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  1. Nausheen rehan
    Nausheen rehan says:

    V informative..pehly bohut craving hoti thi.Im diabetic.but now started healrhy eating so no craving for meetha chocolates etc.Thanks alot ! Fareeha.
    After all its not a diet,Its a life style change❤❤❤😘😘😘

  2. Nisha Trakru
    Nisha Trakru says:

    I do feel cravings…. For 6 days in a week I am strict about my diet but on the seventh day I feel cravings and end up eating unhealthy… I have thyroid and gain fast very fast…. For me loosing weight is too tough… By only one day cheating I reach from where I had started… I am fed up now

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