Vegetables and Bloating

People are always told not to have vegetables specifically raw vegetables as they may cause gastric problems . Lets find out a bit more about this and see what do vegetables do in our digestive tract .

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  1. f.rumaisa2126
    f.rumaisa2126 says:

    Woww 😀😀 thanku so much mam for picking up my suggested topic 😍 love u so much! U cleared it literally .. i was really thinking about this issue n gone through this some days back! N my father usually suffer this thing.. i’ll be able to tell him the right thing now 😊
    Jazak Allah khair 💕

  2. hafeezg
    hafeezg says:

    Thanku mam i m following pc since 1.5 months i had suffered this problem 2 times now i i understand its because of cabbage n carrot 🙄

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