Apnay Say Baat Karo

Lets talk to ourselves. Surely no one knows us better than anyone else. Listen to your body ! Apnay say baat karo!

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  1. mzayaan2014
    mzayaan2014 says:

    Mtlb its a common thing…
    I thought m lonely at home thats y i keep talking to myself all the time 😂😂

  2. f.mazher@yahoo.com
    f.mazher@yahoo.com says:

    Iam so excited to join our community of healthy life style , thanks for your guidance . Iam jst having some problem logging from my iPad it still ask for payment , where as I have done ✅ it all thanks .

  3. f.mazher@yahoo.com
    f.mazher@yahoo.com says:

    I lost nearly 20 Ibs since I started this life style can’t do lot of walk as have a broken spine my legs become numb so have to sit otherwise quite happy

  4. shehneelamazhar786
    shehneelamazhar786 says:

    Fareeeha!!! You are simply love :* To add more to what you said, together with talking to one’s self, one should start talking to others too in a positive manner. Taking weight loss for instance, talking about it in peer groups makes it a positive support group and that helps a lot in achieving group goals. You know what, I started following PC on January 15, 2019 and now, my colleagues at the workplace have started asking me how come I am reducing weight despite eating every damn thing? Loads of prayers for you for making our lives much easier.

  5. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    Yes main sara din apne se bat karty hu portion bnatay hue bhi hawwee ye kya u r exceeding portion stop stop hehe😜😜 kabhi kabhi bat meri mujhse deal bhi ho jaty hai ki chal yar khale na itna bhi serious mat ho once in a week tujhe azadi di ja mehak ji le apni zindagi lol😜😜or fir rat ko sone se pehle god se chitchat karty hu sirf itni eh khuda main kya kahoo tujhse tujhe sab pta hai mera bas sath nibhate rehna.🙂
    The day i discovered you mam at that night i say to god ohh khuda kya gift diya apne mujhe or us khuda ne kaha dekh tujhe sab deta hu main mehsoos karty hai ki main tere sath hu.
    Tab se chipki hu apko hehe lots of love mam❤❤

  6. shahid_7610@yahoo.com
    shahid_7610@yahoo.com says:

    Plz help me too fareeha. It’s my deadly wish to lose wait .my wait is 90 . I have 2 toddlers. Plz be with me

  7. f.mazher@yahoo.com
    f.mazher@yahoo.com says:

    Wonderful Fareeha , Apnay sai baat Karo while talking to your self is a solution to weight it’s a solution to so many other issues like if ur really upset annoyed by talking to your self half the anger will go away ,and one can reason out more cool and calm way what do you think .

  8. contact.imaanidrees
    contact.imaanidrees says:

    Agreed ma sb sy ziada apny sy e bt krti hun. And think positive is requirement of your body and soul to be healthy and active.

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