Never say never! Once you decide there’s nothing that can stop you. It can be weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance. Believe in it and achieve it! Take control of your body and your life!

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  1. says:

    Oh my God,😘😘thats the first video that i watched after loging in,still don know how the web work but will learn gradually .feel that you are v.close to me .Loonking gorgeous lovely as usually.Lots of love 😍🤗😘

  2. jannatkhan1610
    jannatkhan1610 says:

    Yess i can do it😍 when i start this i really didn’t know that how it will b happen but now when i see myself in the mirror feel proud that i did it and its just becoz of u maam and ur support and love i lost almost 14 kg 74 to 60 just little bit away from my goal. It was impossible in my thoughts but only u made it possible not only for me but for every single person who is here on this platform. Just love u maam.,😘😘

  3. Mehak Sardana
    Mehak Sardana says:

    Ohh mam i arrived and watched it
    yes mam i m personally motivated always what u have said is exactely my real thinking
    i just need ur assistance in the matter of dietary changes actually my body is not responding well
    from 2to 4 days i am out of control for my diet coz hunger level spike up my portion does not satiesfied me which i was satiesfied earlier so i decided to break this p.c nd eating like i never ate from past few months and cant believe my body is giving reverse effects and i lost 1200 gram is 5 days m stunned what was it need ur assistance mam

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