Author: Fareeha Jay


Are you eating from all food groups?

Are you having carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy and fats every day?

We need to eat from all food groups. Cutting a food group will leave our diet unbalanced.

We are eating so much food, but our bodies are starving from nutrients. Reason being we are not nourishing our bodies.

We are eating, but not the right foods and your body is not getting the right nutrients.

Your body wants those nutrients and is sending signals to your brain, “I want nutrients”.

When your body is screaming out for nutrients; you go and have a snack, but it probably wasn’t nutritonal. Your body is still starving from nutrients and you keep on snacking, and it goes on and on.

Give your body the right nutrients; you’ll notice the difference in your binge eating habits.

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  1. Mumtaz Mujtaba
    Mumtaz Mujtaba says:

    Assalam o alaikum fareeha, i am new in the group, how can we know that,at which time our body needs the nutrients of any kind which is useful for the body.

  2. says:

    This is wat is important to do eat from all food groups ,which unfortunately we don’t either we skip protein ,or fats or the dairy products .its a difficult task but need to make it happen🤔

  3. Mrs i
    Mrs i says:

    Hi there fareeha your three online consultations how u going to interact with us.also will I get a personalized meal.i live in London can I also book a one to one consultation???your reply will be much appreciated.thanks a lot

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