Author: Fareeha Jay (1/2/19)

You will not lose weight by having certain foods. Yes, some foods can aid in weight loss by keeping you full but in no way, they will melt your fats away as its believed.

Weight Loss with Honey
There are many people who have honey every day in luke warm water with the belief that it will melt their fats.

Honey is extremely healthy and has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, but it will not melt your fats off. Its beneficial as you might use less, to sweeten food and beverages as compared to sugar as its sweeter. You may end up having less calories and that might help you to lose.

Weight Loss with Lemon
Lemon will not make you lose weight. Lemon is high in vitamin C therefore very healthy but the concept that it will ‘cut your fat’ is not true.

Lemon drinks can be extremely low in calories, so swapping it with other high calories drinks will limit your calorie intake.

Weight Loss with Oats
I have observed in many weight loss groups that members are asked to add oats in their diet as it will make them lose weight. These instructions  have  caused a confusion among people believing that oats is shedding their weight.

Oats is extremely high in fibre, and therefore good for your digestion and keeps you fuller for longer. It will not make you lose but when you feel full you’ll eat less, and so it can aid in your weight loss journey.  

Weight Loss with Green Tea
You will not lose weight by having green tea. Green tea is a healthy beverage with antioxidants predominantly flavonoids. There have been some studies done on it but it’s no magic bullet. It is a low-calorie drink, and it might fill you up and you end up eating less.  Focus on healthy eating and physical activity rather than relying on green tea, as it will not do nothing with your weight.