Author: Fareeha Jay

Dated : 7th February 2019

I repeatedly get asked the questions:

Am I allowed to have so and so food? Or can I have so and so food?

My answer to such questions is always yes.

How can I stop you from having specific food if you really want to have it? It’s your diet and it’s your lifestyle —so it’s you who must decide what to do with it.

Surely you know that gol gappay are deep fried, and you know that gulab jamun are high in sugars.

You also know that the burger that you had in the restaurant that day, was processed meat with high fats.

You already know the answer, so why ask anyone?

Take control of your life and stop asking others. Decide for yourself what you want to eat. If you have decided to be healthy then you will limit your treats automatically. It all depends on your goals and how you want to achieve them.

The key is moderation; but to always remember never to deprive yourself from treats. Just to be mindful of two things whilst having your treats.

  • how often you have them
  • how much you are having

Obviously having them every day will contribute to lots of calories, so just decide on a day when you will have your treat meal. And then thinking about the amount, you are having.

Plan your day, week and month. You know what’s the best for your body. Take your life in control, and always think that it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change.

Picture Taken Jinnah Super Market . Islamabad

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  1. Fatimamazhar
    Fatimamazhar says:

    Very well said , as by now we all know wat to eat and wat not to .The more we deprive our selves with your favorite food the more we will want to eat so let’s eat everything but in the right amount. So we stay healthy and happy 😊 also .

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